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A Brief Family History.....

How we all got here...

My branch of the Heslington family originated from the Parish of West Tanfield, North
Many ancestors were born in the
hamlets of Thornborough or Nosterfield and
baptised at St Nicholas' Parish Church, West
Some of the family also lived at South Otterington ...see my page FINDING CONNECTIONS for other places where I have found HESLINGTONS recorded ...

They were mostly farmers or farm labourers,
and the earliest Heslington I have found,
from whom I am directly descended through
my Maternal Great Grandfather, Parker
Duffield Heslington, is PARKER HASLINGTON,
born in 1742, who married Eleanor Metcalfe
on 26 November 1766, and died
on 14 December 1811. They had 7 children
I am aware of, one of whom was the Grandfather
of my Great Grandfather...

The Father of this PARKER HASLINGTON was
William, who married Elizabeth - details not
known - they had other
children, Elizabeth born and died 1739
and Roger, Baptized on 9 April 1747,
the same day as his Mother was buried.
Another son, Nicholas was baptised 6th February 1741/2...
William was an Overseer of the Poor so may have moved to West Tanfield from elsewhere? 
I am in the process of investigating Heslington Wills to see if I can find the connection? Has anyone got any Heslington Wills of the 1700's they would like to share or can shed any light on the origin of my branch of the Heslington Family?

Heslington Family Crest

This Family Crest relates to a HESLINGTON family,being described as: upon an Esquire's helmet a wreath, thereon a swan crowned.

Early documentation of the name HESLINGTON:

Goeffrey de Heselington in 1190 A.D.Yorkshire
William de Haslington in 1219 A.D.Yorkshire
Robert de Haselton in 1274 A.D.Gloucestershire
Goeffrey de Heselton 1275 A.D.Norfolk
William de Haslington 1332 A.D.Lancashire
HESLINGTON first appeared around 1500 A.D.

Further research is needed to establish
descent from the early HESLINGTON family...

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